Cecile Ablack - Senior Communications and Content Strategist

Cecile is a leading communications and public affairs strategist.

Cecile Ablack is a leading communications and public affairs strategist who develops and executes high-impact initiatives to leverage reputation, optimize market share, and build future value. She has been a Senior Adviser to Fortune 100 CEOs, Heads of State, and Ivy-League Universities. Cecile creates content and implements strategic communications and new media campaigns for our clients in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. Most recently, she ran the online and digital media campaign for the winners in a tightly contested overseas national election and developed -- within weeks -- the most popular social networking site in the Caribbean.


Cecile has served as:

  • Director of Corporate Communications, Time Inc.
  • Executive Vice President, Grey Advertising/APCO Associates/GCI Group
  • Director of Media and Government Relations, U.S. Commerce Department
  • Associate Dean Public Affairs and Strategic Planning, Yale University
  • Deputy Mayor, Los Angeles
  • Director of Global Corporate Affairs, William Morris Entertainment Agency


Cecile Ablack 415-256-8700

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