Developing your Organization's Thought Leadership Online Presence

Thought Leadership

Your organization does not need to start out as the biggest or the most prominent to establish a reputation as a thought leader and to develop a web presence that is a dynamic exchange between you and your customers and your potential customers and other influential members of your professional community.

Thought leadership is at its essence an exchange of trust. On your side, your organization needs to generously share information, thoughts, knowledge and your vision. In return your community rewards you with trust and  engages with you in a vibrant exchange that can be to everyone's benefit.

Developing thought leadership online is a marathon not a sprint. You need to consider it as a long term effort that as long as you honestly commit your best effort will reap major rewards.

The Role of News Aggregation

How can you get started? Ask us about creating your own thought leadership platform - an 'industry news' aggregation site. Mainsail specializes in the development of sophisticated, cms based news aggregation sites that can pull in the 'best of the best' content from both the main stream media, corporate sources and independent bloggers who are writing about your industry. We'll guide you through the minefield of developing an online community with content and conversations that get your message across while maintaining the transparency that is vital to being a good and respected web citizen. This news aggregation site is where you concentrate on developing a corporate sponsored (as opposed to corporate branded) site that becomes a reliable, trusted reference for others. The content you offer must stimulate people to link to your site and share what you offer with others. The internet provides the platform for you to develop this kind of dynamic thought leadership presence without necessarily starting as the dominant player. You just need to make the commitment  to step up from the static brochure that is still the most common model - even for sophisticated companies who should know better.

Merging design, technology and content

Mainsail's world class designs are second to none. See our portfolio here or scan the timeline at the bottom of this page to get a sense of the breadth of our experience. So why do we go out of our way to say we're not a design studio? Because we see our role differently from that of a traditional design studio. We're here to match your website design with your broader needs to communicate your message online. That's means merging design, content strategy and technical development along with a smart social media strategy.

Building your online community with Social Media

Mainsail provides consulting and guidance on getting your company to leverage the power of social media sites in a sensible, realistic and practical way.

SEO: An ongoing Search Engine Optimization program

Finally, your site is of no value if people can't find it. Mainsail will advise and implement an ongoing full search engine optimization program to ensure that your website gets the visibility that it deserves. It is critical that SEO best practices be taken into consideration every step along the way and Mainsail will work with you from the very beginning of your web project to ensure that design and development is prepared with sound SEO strategies in mind.

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